Aurion’s wholly-owned Launi Project consists of two blocks, Launi East and Launi West with a combined area of 14 330 hectares (ha). Both Exploration Licences were recently granted. Launi East has no record of prior exploration or mining licences. Paved highway and all-weather gravel roads provide easy access to the property which is located only 8-10 kilometres (km) south of the Risti Project and 10 km northwest of the Municipality of Sodankylä.

Launi East

The Launi East Project bisects a flexure along the Sirkka Shear Zone, a major regional structure with dozens of gold prospects along its length. The GTK (Geological Survey of Finland) define the Sirkka Shear Zone as a major (> 125 km long) tectono-stratigraphic boundary between Archean and Proterozoic terranes in the area underlying the Launi East property.

Prospecting and reconnaissance mapping at Launi East have resulted in the discovery of multiple new gold-bearing zones in a 5.5 by 1.0 km area parallel to and less than 800 m from the Sirkka Shear Zone. Widespread fuchsite, tourmaline, sericite and iron-carbonate bedrock alteration along with abundant quartz veining is present in this part of the property.  Visible gold is observed in quartz veins and mineralized host rock along several trends from ten to greater than 100 m wide. This season, field crews have collected some 900 grab samples from angular quartz boulders, sub-outcrop and outcrop along these mineralized trends.

As of August 22, 2019, a total of 248 assays have been received for grab samples collected from Launi East during the 2019 field season. These samples graded nil to 313 g/t Au and averaged 18.9 g/t Au. Of the 248 assays received, 214 samples were collected over a distance of 700 m including both the Kookoo and Christmas zones. Gold assays from this smaller subset include:  

  • 214 grab samples assayed from nil to 313 g/t Au (average 21.75 g/t Au and Median 6.03 g/t Au)
  • Including:
    • 8 grab samples > 100 g/t Au
    • 34 grab samples > 50 g/t Au
    • 50 grab samples > 31 g/t Au
    • 79 grab samples > 15 g/t Au
    • 111 grab samples > 5 g/t Au

Mineralized zones at Launi East appear to show lateral continuity along strike across the property, and individual zones can be traced for up to 300 m. Two gold-bearing zones (Kookoo and Christmas) are confirmed by partial gold assays, and numerous other zones (with VG observed) remain to be confirmed by some 650 pending gold assays.

The Kookoo Zone is the northern-most gold discovery at Launi East, where stockwork, breccia and massive quartz veins host coarse euhedral pyrite and locally fine visible gold.  Some 134 grab samples from angular boulders and sub-outcrop over an area > 250 m by 150 m assayed from nil to 313 g/t Au (31.59 g/t Au average and 15.43 median).

The Christmas Zone, discovered late 2018 and located 200 m south of Kookoo, has been traced for > 130 m strike length and up to several meters in width.  Stockwork, breccia and massive quartz veins have heavy disseminated to massive hematite in bands (up to 30 cm wide), along with pyrite and fine visible gold in quartz.  Assays from the Christmas Zone have been reported in two press releases:

  • 52 grab samples of boulder and sub-outcrop that assayed from nil to 74.30 g/t Au (10.00 g/t Au average) (2018 results)
  • 61 grab samples of boulder and sub-outcrop that assayed from nil to 85.8 g/t Au (6.93 g/t Au average, 0.57 g/t Au median) (2019 results to date)

Aurion is actively mapping, trenching and performing ground geophysics at Kookoo, Christmas and eight other recently discovered gold-mineralized zones along the 5.5 km strike length of highly prospective geology within 1 km of the Sirkka Shear Zone at Launi East.

Grab samples of outcrop, sub-outcrop, and quartz boulders are preliminary samples that verify gold is present in quartz veins.  Natural coarse gold distribution in these samples returns variable results and may not be representative.

Aurion’s current focus at Launi East is to verify mineralization in bedrock, map its extent and generate drill targets for future exploration campaigns.